Telephone Skills

Learn to speak with clarity and confidence on the telephone. This course covers:

  • Confidence and technique on the telephone.
  • Clear articulation of sounds and information.
  • Using different register and tone for different situations.
  • How to follow up calls to achieve their potential.
  • Voice recordings and role-plays of calls.

The course is ideal for native & non-native speakers who would like to increase their confidence and abilities in all areas of telephoning. It is available as a 4 week group course & individually. Learn more about telephone skills courses, prices & dates.

Received Pronunciation (BBC Accent)

Learn how to produce a neutral / RP (Received Pronunciation) / BBC Accent. On this course we cover:

  • The vowel and consonant sounds of RP.
  • The way words and sounds join.
  • Correct stress and intonation.

The course is ideal for those who would like to use RP for professional and/or stage purposes. The course is available as a 4 week group or individually. Learn more about Received Pronunciation courses, prices & dates.


Learn to speak with control, clarity & accuracy. Elocution is all about speaking clearly and effectively. In particular, classes cover:

  • Correct sound production of vowels & consonants.
  • Accurate stress & intonation.
  • Recognition of speech errors.
  • Posture, breathing & body positioning.

Elocution classes are individually designed for you. You can take anything from a one-off class to a weekly long-term course, this depends on your needs and goals. Learn more about elocution courses. 

Public Speaking & Vocal Presentation Skills

Learn to speak confidently in front of an audience of any size. The course covers:

  • Pitch, pacing & delivery.
  • Overcoming nerves & confidence problems.
  • Eye contact, posture & breathing.
  • Voice projection & clarity.

The course is available as a 4 week evening group or as an individual course. Click here for dates, prices & further information.

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