IPA (Phonetic Script) Course

Learn to read and write fluently in English IPA. The course covers:

  • How to transcribe the vowels and consonants of English.
  • The differences between phonemic & phonetic scripts.
  • Transcription of individual words & of complete sentences.
  • Close listening activities.
  • Approaches to transcription – weak forms, stress and intonation.

This course is ideal for those who would like to achieve accuracy in listening and speech. It is also suitable for linguists who would like to learn IPA. Learn more about the Advanced IPA course including dates and booking.

Intonation Course

Master English pitch, rhythm, stress & intonation. This course offers a detailed & practical study of English intonation – a skill that eludes many students and teachers alike. The course covers:

  • Structure of intonation – tone units and their parts.
  • Pitch Control – how to vary the tone of your voice and how this changes meaning.
  • Pattern – the common intonation patterns of English and their usages.
  • Stress – the rules and production of stress patterns.
  • Meaning – how intonation can change the meaning of words & sentences.

All topics are practised extensively in conversation role-plays so that meaning and technique can be explored. Learn more about Advanced Intonation course dates and booking.

Advanced Pronunciation

Take your pronunciation to an advanced level. This course revises all the sounds from Level 1 and takes the student through advanced techniques such as:

  • Joining through assimilation & mouth positioning.
  • Using ‘Vowel Grids’ & ‘Consonant Charts’ to map sound.
  • Diacritics such as aspiration & dentalisation.
  • Reduced vowels and vowel length variations.
  • Stress & shifting stress patterns.
  • Confusing words such as ‘can/can’t’, ‘are/aren’t’ etc.

The course is flexible meaning you can take the classes in any order over the year. There are 8 classes in the course on Tuesday evenings. Learn more about ‘Advanced Pronunciation’

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