Individual Classes via Skype

Study Pronunciation Studio’s unique courses anywhere in the world via Skype. Courses include:

  • Pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds.
  • Structures – joining, weak/strong & shifting stress.
  • Spelling & Sound – how to interpret written English into speech.
  • IPA – how to read and write using the phonetic script.

All Skype classes come with a full download of ‘The Sound of English’ – our 140 page training book with 200 mp3 audio files. Learn more about Skype individual training.

Individual Assessment

Most students start with a 60 minute individual assessment class before deciding on their course. During the class, your teacher will:

  • Hear your pronunciation & speech skills and explain your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Show you how our method and materials work.
  • Test you on different areas of speech such as sound production and intonation.
  • Explain the different course options available to you and make recommendations.
  • Give you our course pack ‘The Sound of English’.

The assessment costs £50 including the full course pack and a completed assessment sheet. Learn more about individual assessment class, timetable and booking.

Pronunciation & Accent Reduction

Learn English pronunciation 121 with one of PSL’s expert IPA qualified teachers. Your course will cover:

  • Pronunciation of vowel & consonant sounds.
  • Spelling & Sound exercises focusing on pronunciation of text.
  • Connected Speech – how to join words and sounds smoothly.
  • Intonation – rhythm, stress, pitch & pattern.
  • Accent Reduction – how to eliminate errors caused by your mother tongue.

Your teacher will design your course on your needs. Most students start with Level 1 materials ‘The Sound of English’ and every student receives this course pack in their first class. Learn more about individual pronunciation & accent reduction.

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