Learn the sounds, structures and intonation of British English in anything from 2 days to 2 weeks in Central London.

What is covered on intensive group courses?

  • Pronunciation – how to correctly produce the 45 sounds of British English.
  • Structure – strong vs weak sounds, rules of joining & stress.
  • Error Correction – recognition and reduction of errors caused by first language.
  • Intonation – how to use pitch, rhythm & stress in spoken English.
  • IPA Symbols – phonemic symbols for every sound.

What courses are available?

We provide 4 intensive group options:

2 Day Weekend Courses
1. 45 Sounds of English
2. Advanced Pronunciation

5 Day Weekday Courses
1. Accent Reduction – The Sound of English
2. Advanced Pronunciation & Intonation

What is the course timetable?

All intensive groups run 10:00-17:00 with a one hour break for lunch at 13:00-14:00. There is a wide variety of lunch options surrounding the school.

What level of English is required?

Our teachers speak at normal, native speed in class so it is important that students can follow. Anybody with a high intermediate to proficient level can benefit from the classes. This relates to a minimum IELTS score of 6.

What materials are used?

Every course includes ‘The Sound of English’ course pack. Between each class you will have drills and exercises to complete in order to transfer the skills from class into your every day speech.

Really enjoyed the course. I became more aware of the mistakes I make and self-correct more often. I am able to distinguish different vowels better. The teacher was really knowledgable and patient.
Magda, Poland, 2013

I have improved a lot. Especially on joining, schwa, consonants, and many others. I learnt the skills listed in the text book, and of course some very practical knowledge.

Yan, China, 2013

The course has thought me a whole new way of looking at and listening to the sounds of English. This is a great little school.

Adamu, Nigeria, 2013

Very good course and level of teaching. Great input to improve English. Thank you!

Cathy, France, 2013

Lots of changes, almost all letters are pronounced different from the way I used to. The course has helped me to see the difference in pronunciation with the writing. Thank you.

Suada, Brazil, 2014


5 Day Intensive

£295 – 1 week | £495 – 2 weeks

Courses run Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00 with one hour for lunch. 

1. Accent Reduction – ‘The Sound of English’
Course covers the full ‘The Sound of English’ course book with 30 hours of teaching.

2. Advanced Pronunciation & Intonation
Course covers Pronunciation Studio’s Level 2 & Level 3 course content in 30 hours of teaching.

2 Day Intensive

..£145 – 1 weekend | £245 – 2 weekends
£345 – 3 weekends | £425 – 4 weekends

Courses run Saturday & Sunday 10:00-17:00 with one hour for lunch. 

1. 45 Sounds of English
Course covers the pronunciation of all 45 sounds of British English and key spoken structures.

2. Advanced Pronunciation
Course covers Pronunciation Studio’s Level 2 program.

3. Intonation
Course covers Pronunciation Studio’s Level 3 program.

4. IPA
Course covers Pronunciation Studio’s Level 4 program.