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1 Level – £175 | 2 Levels £295* | 3 Levels £395* | 4 Levels £475*

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It's easy to take the first step to improved speaking & pronunciation skills. Start with a free group taster class or an individual assessment and learn the 45 sounds of British English with our unique, practical and fun teaching methodology. Your teacher will develop your sounds, structures and intonation - a step by step approach to clear speech.

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Group Courses

Study in a small group (2 to 8) of advanced students. Classes are practical and fun, with a 4 level program: Accent Reduction, Advanced Pronunciation, Intonation & IPA. You can choose from mixed, Latin and Slavic evening groups or take an intensive course over 2 to 5 days. Start this week with a 90 minute free taster.

Individual Training

Improve your English pronunciation in the most direct and flexible way with one to one classes. Available Monday to Saturday 09:00-21:00 in Central London, study Accent Reduction, Elocution & Received Pronunciation. Start today with an assessment class to discover your errors and strengths.

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