Upcoming Course Dates

➨  5 Day Intensive LEVEL 1: 21/7-25/7 @19-21:00 FULL
➨ Free Taster Class (Any Language): 21/7 @ 18-19:00 FULL
➨  Mixed Speakers’ Accent Reduction Group LEVEL 1: 21/7-15/9 @19-21:00
➨ Free Taster Class (Any Language): 23/7 @ 18-19:00
➨  Eastern European Speakers’ Accent Reduction Group LEVEL 1: 30/7-17/9 @19-21:00
➨  2 Day Intensive LEVEL 1: 2/8-3/9 @19-21:00
➨  5 Day Intensive LEVEL 1: 4/8-8/8 @19-21:00
➨  Latin Speakers’ Accent Reduction Group LEVEL 1: 5/8-23/9 @19-21:00

Start Today

It's easy to take the first step to improved speaking & pronunciation skills. Start with a free group taster class or a half-price individual class and learn the 45 sounds of British English with our unique, practical and fun teaching methodology. Your teacher will develop your sounds, structures and intonation - a step by step approach to clear speech.

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Group Courses

Study in a small group (2 to 8) of advanced students. Classes are practical and fun, with a 4 level program: Accent Reduction, Advanced Pronunciation, Intonation & IPA. You can choose from mixed, Latin and Slavic evening groups or take an intensive course over 2 to 5 days. Start this week with a 90 minute free taster.

Individual Training

Improve your English pronunciation in the most direct and flexible way with one to one classes. Available Monday to Saturday 09:00-21:00 in Central London, study Accent Reduction, Elocution & Received Pronunciation. Start today with an assessment class to discover your errors and strengths.

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